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Carol has been writing and publishing on the subject of fingerweaving and sprang. Her books are for sale here.

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2016, James, Carol, Replicating the Arizona Openwork Shirt, Proceedings of the Pre-Columbian Textiles
Conference, Saxo Instutute, Danish National Research Foundation’s Center of Textile Research

2016, Medard, Fabienne and James, Carol. Appreciation of the ancient craftsmen through the
recreation of a byzantine sprang turban from the Antinoë necropolis.

Accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Textiles of the Nile Valley Conference, November 2015,
Antwerp, Belgium

2016 Drinkler, Dagmar and James, Carol, Tight Fitting Leggings, a Reconstruction
Accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Early Textile Society Conference, Oct,2014 London, UK

2016 James, C. The Arizona Openwork Shirt Project
Ply Magazine, Issue 12, Spring 2016

2014 James, C. What Is Fingerweaving;
Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers; Vol 252, Winter 2014 p 18-21

2014 Gerentet, C., James, C., and Médard, F. Replication of a Coptic Bonnet
Proceedings of the Conference Purpurae Vestae 2014

2014. James, C. Bog Baby Vest
Handwoven Magazine, Interweave Press. Volume XXXV, No2, Mar/Apr, pg 50-52.

2013. C James. Tablet Weaving and Sprang: An Experiment.
TWIST Tablet Weavers' International Studies & Techniques. Volume XX, Issue 2, pg 6-7

2013. James, C. Sprang: A Versatile Textile Method.
Fibre Focus Volume 56, Number 4, Winter 2013, pg 35-37.

2013. James, C. Re-Creating History: George Washington’s Sprang Sash
Making an Officer’s Sprang Sash
Spin-Off Magazine Volume XXXVII, Number 2, Summer 2013, p74-84.

2013. James, C. Warp But No Weft: SPRANG Into Action Today
Fibre Focus Volume 56, Number 2, Summer 2013, p 25-28.

2012 James, C. What Is Sprang? Threads That Move.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Braiding, pg 126-131

2012. Dean G. and James C. Revisiting the Hopi Sash.
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2011. James, C. An Ancient Textile Technique Revisited.
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2011. James, C. Fingerweaving Leads to New Life’s Work.
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2007. James, C. Loom Woven vs Fingerwoven Sashes.
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