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Aboriginal Day at the Forks

Today was Aboriginal Day at the Forks. The St Boniface Museum had invited me to provide my ‘Sash Weaving Dance’ activity. Several groups of twelve participated, working together to weave threads suspended from the roof of the tent.   Meanwhile I’ve been working on another idea for sprang socks. Noting that there is a difference… Read more »

End of the School Year

Van Walleghem School invited me to come teach fingerweaving to their students during the last week of school. I spent a day and a half working with them. Students from grades 3, 4, and 5, explored the basic fingerweaving method making a ‘wrist sash’. My heart was warmed by a student who said to me,… Read more »

sash weaving setup ideas

The classic method for finger weaving is that you attaching the work to a nail in the wall, and tie the lower end to your chairleg. Many people describe their circumstances to me, where putting a nail in the wall is NOT permitted. This might just be the solution: A new weaver sends me this… Read more »

more photos from Festival 2010

The snow sculptures look great, especially at night with the lights from the tents. Some visitors to the Festival du Voyageur sport fingerwoven sashes. These women made their own

HGA Convergence exhibitions

I’ve sent off a couple of things to the HGA Convergence exhibitions … hoping for the best. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. Now for Festival du Voyageur which starts on Friday. They’ve invited me to participate in the ‘school program’. I’ll be weaving on a sash that bears striking similarity to an historic… Read more »

Teacher Inservice etc

October is a busy month. I’ve been weaving away, finishing up a commission sash, a year of work: And then on to a pair of custom leg ties. October is the month that teachers have their big inservice day. I attended the sessions for social studies teachers, instructing them on the basics of fingerweaving. I’ve… Read more »

Fan mail

From time to time I receive feed-back from individuals who have read my book. This one really touched my heart. Not only did these young adults master the technique within a single Summer, they’re promoting fingerweaving from ‘officialdom’, their Natural Heritage Education Program. Once again, hope for fingerweaving to live on. A huge THANK YOU… Read more »

Bulls Eye

Some weavers have asked about the bulls eye. Perhaps a bit more information is required. Personally I do not start out with a bulls eye. (It was a local weavers group who insisted that the ‘right way’ to weave was to begin with a bulls eye.) I have been making my way through museum collections,… Read more »