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Aboriginal Day at the Forks

Today was Aboriginal Day at the Forks. The St Boniface Museum had invited me to provide my ‘Sash Weaving Dance’ activity. Several groups of twelve participated, working together to weave threads suspended from the roof of the tent.   Meanwhile I’ve been working on another idea for sprang socks. Noting that there is a difference… Read more »

Visit with the People of Red River

The annual Visit with the People of Red River was held yesterday at the Musée de St Boniface. Twelve stations of activities were available. Students made a rotatation through six activities, twenty minutes each during their half-day at the Musée. My activity has always given students a basic understanding of weaving, and fingerweaving in particular…. Read more »

End of the School Year

Van Walleghem School invited me to come teach fingerweaving to their students during the last week of school. I spent a day and a half working with them. Students from grades 3, 4, and 5, explored the basic fingerweaving method making a ‘wrist sash’. My heart was warmed by a student who said to me,… Read more »