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sprang frame reflections

Last weekend the town of St Pierre Jolys hosted their annual ‘sugaring off festival’. Now, I won’t go into that rant about the weather, how it’s the middle of April, and we still have over a foot of snow on the ground, and more coming. The maple trees need above-freezing weather by day and below-freezing… Read more »

Historic Ft William

Drove to Thunder Bay last Thursday to attend the Great RendezVous at Historic Fort William. On the way I stopped in at Quetico Park to see the sash I wove for them while artist in residence two years ago. At the RendezVous, I gave a workshop on fingerweaving to participants and Ft William Staff. This… Read more »

Festival du Voyageur 2011

It’s that time of year again. I can be found with my SashWeaving in the Souvenir tent, alongside the Habitat for Humanity run Official Souvenir desk. The thing I love about Festival is seeing all the sashes. Every year it gets better. People are making their own, and wearing them. This woman took a one-hour… Read more »

HGA Convergence exhibitions

I’ve sent off a couple of things to the HGA Convergence exhibitions … hoping for the best. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. Now for Festival du Voyageur which starts on Friday. They’ve invited me to participate in the ‘school program’. I’ll be weaving on a sash that bears striking similarity to an historic… Read more »

ManitoAhbee, Metis Sashmaking workshop

The education component of the ManitoAhbee festival included me and my sashmaking workshop. Three mornings this week I offered a three-part presentation: 1) images of metis sashes and some of their stories. 2) how sashes are made, overview of loom weaving and sashweaving. 3) audience participation, two activities to instruct and permit students to leave… Read more »

Folklorama the first week 2009

Once again the folks of the Métis Pavilion invited me to promote fingerweaving, the technique used to construct some of the original Métis sashes. I am grateful to former-students who assisted me. We encouraged visitors to try their hand at fingerweaving, a do-it-yourself friendship bracelet. Approx 300 bracelets were produced over the week. Many thanks… Read more »

Bulls Eye

Some weavers have asked about the bulls eye. Perhaps a bit more information is required. Personally I do not start out with a bulls eye. (It was a local weavers group who insisted that the ‘right way’ to weave was to begin with a bulls eye.) I have been making my way through museum collections,… Read more »

Heritage Weaving Project 2009

Work is progressing on that replica of Elzéar Goulet’s sash. After matching up the colors in January, respinning the yarn all February, I started weaving in March. Elzéar’s sash was very loosely woven, only 6 wefts per inch in a very fine wool. My theory was that this could be produced using the false weave,… Read more »