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Funky shapes

Participating with a local arts group, I’ve been experimenting using different materials, making sprang ‘bags’. A local bead store sells a fine, supple wire. When I apply flat-warp sprang bag-making techniques, a free-standing structure appears. As with many things, the secret is in the right materials and a sturdy frame. There’s lots of potential here…. Read more »

October travels 2012

The North Shore Weavers and Prairie Weavers Guild near Chicago had invited me to visit and present sprang. I gave two workshops while in Downers Grove, in the Chicago area. On to Marion, Indiana, where I attended Mississinewa 1812. Sprang instruction was high on the bill. Then on to Ohio, the Cuyahoga weavers invited me… Read more »

Sprang is Here

The delivery man from Friesens Printing phoned this morning. My books were ready for delivery! Luckily I had help to assist in moving 2000 books from the truck to my living room. This afternoon I’ll be busy taking packages to the post office, all you who pre-ordered! Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll like what… Read more »