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Commuter Hat Project

Inspired by Franco Rios, as well as a former student, I’ve made a hat. The method used means the project can easily be stowed in a commuter bag, and worked on the bus. I cut pieces of handspun into 17 pieces, each 36 inches long: eight pink, one white, eight pink. So, I was working… Read more »

Festival 2012

I set up my 4-harness loom for this year’s Festival. We’re commemorating the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Selkirk Settlers. They attempted to build an income spinning the hair of bison and weaving it into cloth. The local weavers guild agreed to help me weave brown cloth. I set up my loom. Meanwhile… Read more »

End of the year projects

Been working on a variety of projects. Made a couple of variations of an intertwined bag. Now these bags are sprang bags. They come from a figure-8 warp, the join line is the bottom of the bag. They were worked in intertwining rather than interlinking. Not as stretchy as interlinking but attractive in their own… Read more »