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St Paul to Durango

I’ve been busy teaching. The Midwest Handweavers Conference was held at St Thomas College in St Paul, Minnesota. I taught a finger weaving class and then a sprang class. On the way to Minnesota I stopped in Fargo to visit. Kim Baird said I should look up another instructor while there, Donna Kallner. Arriving at… Read more »

Travels, October 2015

October 2014 was spent in European travels. The impetus for the trip was the invitation to present information on sprang at the Early Textile Study Group conference in London. The topic for this year’s conference was Peter Collingwood. Dagmar Drinkler agreed to present her research on the subject of ‘tight fitting clothing in antiquity’, and… Read more »

Sprang Pants

Inspired by the work of Dagmar Drinkler (http://www.teppichfreunde-norddeutschland.de/de/img/treffen/Drinkler-Sprangtechnik-09072011-72dpi.pdf) I’m setting out to make a pair of sprang pants.   This is the inspiration, I’m wanting vertical stripes, and then some fancier pattern starting mid-thigh. Here’s a schema outlining my plan: Work starts at the ankles, and progesses towards the hips. Somewhere mid-thigh, according to Medieval portraits,… Read more »

Olds College

I had the honor of teaching sprang at Olds College last weekend. Students explored flat warp one day, and circular warp the next.   The initial project finished, participants had time to set up another project and explore a bit more. They were all of them great students! Olds College is a very pleasant setting…. Read more »

October travels 2012

The North Shore Weavers and Prairie Weavers Guild near Chicago had invited me to visit and present sprang. I gave two workshops while in Downers Grove, in the Chicago area. On to Marion, Indiana, where I attended Mississinewa 1812. Sprang instruction was high on the bill. Then on to Ohio, the Cuyahoga weavers invited me… Read more »