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Sash fringe finish

Sprang sashes are very elastic. How to finish off an elastic cloth can present a challenge. Historic military sprang sashes are gathered together before the fringe. This is the only point in the sash to have a weft. I reserved some of the same thread when I set up the warp. Several lengths of this… Read more »

Lessons learned

This sash is certainly teaching me alot. It has been my custom in sprang to work several rows, placing sticks in each the shed, completing several rows before getting up and moving all those sheds, one after another, into the mirror-image position. This sash, as with many historic sashes from the 1700s, was created using… Read more »

One third of the way done

Progress is slow, but steady on the sprang sash. Here is where I am. The date is now on the sash. A reporter for the local French language newspaper stopped by to interview me. Her camera is also a video camera. She shot a short youtube video. For those who do not speak French, I… Read more »

Washington, DC

I attended the Textile Society of America Symposium Sept 19-22 in Washington, DC. The title was ‘Textiles and Politics’. Papers were presented on all manner of topics, textile work and the economy, textile work in emerging economies, dyestuffs, self-expression. My paper was on the subject of sprang and military sashes. I met textile experts from… Read more »

Silk Sprang Sash as a Litter

I made a silk sprang sash earlier this year for a military re-enactor. Officer of higher ranks had sashes were made of silk, a very strong fiber.┬áNow there are stories out there about people being carried on sashes. It seems that a person injured on the field could be carried back to camp on the… Read more »

Sprang Military sash

A re-enactor friend, artillery enthusiast, wanted a silk officer’s sash. He challenged me to create a cannon design. I drew up a cannon and mapped it out on graph paper. Have a look at the results.

Silkster Gallery

I visited Treenway Silk while in the Victoria area this summer. Figuring I was needing some silk, I decided to stop in and purchase it in person, avoiding shipping fees. A quick thought before I left home, I decided to bring along some of my pieces to show them what I can do with their… Read more »