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sprang socks

Quite a while ago I started a pair of socks. The warp’s been hanging off the backside of my kitchen door, waiting while other more pressing projects have attracted my attention. Now it’s time to finish those socks. Now, sprang is quite elastic, but not so elastic that the same tube allows for my ankles… Read more »

Fargo Fiber Festival

The Rheault Farm in Fargo was the site of the Fargo Fiber Festival. Amazing demonstrations of diverse fiber techniques, spinning, knitting, quilting, embroidery, stumpwork, tatting, felting, kumihimo, basketry, on and on. I brought my fingerweaving and sprang. A great idea for using up all those extra quilt tops. I’ve set up another pair of sprang… Read more »

Aboriginal Day at the Forks

Today was Aboriginal Day at the Forks. The St Boniface Museum had invited me to provide my ‘Sash Weaving Dance’ activity. Several groups of twelve participated, working together to weave threads suspended from the roof of the tent.   Meanwhile I’ve been working on another idea for sprang socks. Noting that there is a difference… Read more »