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St Paul to Durango

I’ve been busy teaching. The Midwest Handweavers Conference was held at St Thomas College in St Paul, Minnesota. I taught a finger weaving class and then a sprang class. On the way to Minnesota I stopped in Fargo to visit. Kim Baird said I should look up another instructor while there, Donna Kallner. Arriving at… Read more »

Sprang Patterns

I’m working on a series of sprang patterns. Some people have commented that they need a bit more information than what is in my book. Maybe what people need is something like what has already been done for knitting and crochet, books of patterns for hats, vests, scarves and the like. I’ve gone back to… Read more »

Holiday ‘sprang-ing’

My project for this holiday season is a bit of ‘clear out the stash before the new year’. I’ve selected a project that was planned in the Summer of 2012. I had access (thanks to Glenna) to industrial amounts of white sock yarn. Planning a garment of a size to fit me, I measured out… Read more »

France and the Netherlands

Back in Lyon, staying with my friend, I tried to keep up with my daily walk. There are the remains of a Roman amphitheatre near her house. In my spare time I’ve been working on writing out patterns for some of the hundreds of sprang lace motifs that I saw in Brussels. I taught a… Read more »

Sprang Pants: Version #2

This is how I did it. Inspired by the work of Dagmar Drinkler, I made a pair of sprang pants. Difficulties encountered had me reflecting on how I could do things differently, and this meant making a second pair of pants. The difficulties centered around three major problems: 1) My technique in adding those extra… Read more »

Summer Weaving 2013

I’ve created a number of military sashes this summer. The sashes with the colored stripe are wool NCO (non-commissioned officer) sashes, and were typical in the British army in the 1700s and into the early 1800s. The solid colored red sash is silk officer’s sash. At least one of my sashes saw some action this… Read more »

sprang mittens

Going through my box of samples the other day, I came upon my not-quite-finished pair of mittens. Last November I had worked on some sprang mittens. The interlinking stitch is quite elastic. I opted instead for an interlacing stitch hoping it would be more windproof. I used my serger and a narrow strip of reinforcing… Read more »

Finishing the shirt

The large flat warp seemed to need side panels, to transform it into a shirt. I created the side panels together, side by side. The two panels were ‘cut apart’ by removing a single thread. Well, actually I did not completely remove that thread, I used it to join one side of one of the… Read more »