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Sprang warp equality

Circular warp sprang requires a very even warp. Slight variations in tension while setting up results in slight differences in length. This warp is 15 ft long, and took almost six hours to set up. Slight variations occurred. We did take a couple of breaks for tea. I also noted weaknesses in the yarn, and… Read more »

October travels 2012

The North Shore Weavers and Prairie Weavers Guild near Chicago had invited me to visit and present sprang. I gave two workshops while in Downers Grove, in the Chicago area. On to Marion, Indiana, where I attended Mississinewa 1812. Sprang instruction was high on the bill. Then on to Ohio, the Cuyahoga weavers invited me… Read more »

British Columbia trip continued

Drove up the Sunshine Coast to visit Yvonne Stowell’s Fibreworks Gallery. What a beautiful exhibit, textiles and pottery with a water theme. Worth the trip. One yurt is the exhibit space, another yurt is a classroom, and Yvonne has a third yurt for her weaving studio. Sunday we took the ferry to Vancouver Island. Duncan… Read more »


Attended the University of Winnipeg’s Centre for Rupertsland Studies, presenting a paper on sprang. Met some amazing researchers, learned lots more about the Fur Trade. All that sitting and demonstrating, I made several sprang purses. I’ve also been working on another silk military sash. Starting with a 13 ft warp, I now have an 11… Read more »

tablet weaving and sprang

I’ve heard of pieces of sprang cloth that start out as warp set between two pieces of tablet weaving, and wanted to try it myself. I started two pieces of tablet weaving and then solicited help from a friend. We sat at my table and each of us worked on one of the bits of… Read more »

sprang socks

Quite a while ago I started a pair of socks. The warp’s been hanging off the backside of my kitchen door, waiting while other more pressing projects have attracted my attention. Now it’s time to finish those socks. Now, sprang is quite elastic, but not so elastic that the same tube allows for my ankles… Read more »

Festival 2012

I set up my 4-harness loom for this year’s Festival. We’re commemorating the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Selkirk Settlers. They attempted to build an income spinning the hair of bison and weaving it into cloth. The local weavers guild agreed to help me weave brown cloth. I set up my loom. Meanwhile… Read more »

Sprang Rainbow Sweater

A moment of weakness in a local yarn shop had me purchasing a skein of lace weight silk&baby camel. Marrakesh is the name on the skein, Swiss Mountain Silk. I’ve made it up into two of scarfs for exhibit purposes. I still had quite a bit of yarn left and did some math. Calculations indicated… Read more »