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January Experiments

I recently finished up another of those silk officer sashes. I’ve been experimenting with different types of silk. Reeled silk is best because the fibers are nice and long. I’ve found that silk cording gives a better look, and probably better wear. Original silk sashes that I have examined seem to be composed of several… Read more »

End of the year projects

Been working on a variety of projects. Made a couple of variations of an intertwined bag. Now these bags are sprang bags. They come from a figure-8 warp, the join line is the bottom of the bag. They were worked in intertwining rather than interlinking. Not as stretchy as interlinking but attractive in their own… Read more »

sprang neckscarf

Working on some items to display in a local yarn store, using yarn from their shelves. I am reminded of another reason I love sprang. When I knit with a rainbow skein, the colors tend to muddle if I’m not careful. With circular warp sprang, the colors are as lovely in the finished article as… Read more »

Green sprang hat

It’s minus 14 outside today, and there’s a fresh blanket of snow. Time for serious winter clothes. I set me a figure-8 warp, 30 inches long (70cm) and wove until it met at the middle. OK, I added some S and Z design to keep things interesting. I chained across the meeting line. The loop… Read more »

Sprang Unsprung

It’s finally off to the printer! My new book, fully illustrated how-to on sprang will be available starting in mid-August, 2011. I am now ready to take pre-orders. The price is $24.95 plus shipping. It’s 80 pages, a bit longer than Fingerweaving Untangled. Same quality of illustrations. Lots of information on the basic weaving techniques… Read more »

sprang sweaters

I’ve made a variety of sprang sweaters (child size). Using cheap cotton, the type you use to knit dishrags, the same number of threads and always using the same frame, I’ve been exploring different patterns. Clearly different patterns have different amounts of lateral stretch. The moral of the story is (as in knitting) always, always… Read more »

more sprang socks

I’ve been trying a few more variations of the sprang sock. Here’s a straight tube sock. It was made from a figure-8 warp, two rectangles worked at the same time. Cut apart, you get two socks for the work of making one … well, you have to do the finishing on the socks separately, gather… Read more »

Sprang book

It’s almost ready. I’ve been working for two years now, putting together a how-to manuel on ‘sprang’. Following the same style as Fingerweaving Untangled, this book assumes no previous knowledge. This past week I received another draft back from the layout people. This one is very close to a printable version. Looking around my workroom,… Read more »