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Sprang garment

Challenged myself recently to make a garment using the sprang technique. Using an egyptian cotton I began with a very large rectangular shape, working from hem to hem. At about armpit level I added warp to allow for sleeves. Yes the work was very wide at that point. I worked from right to left in… Read more »

No-Frame sprang bag

I’ve been doing some research. Frances Densmore, writing in the book Chippewa Customs, describes the work of a woman creating a sprang sash, working around stakes in the ground. I followed her directions and found the technique to work quite well. I created a bag, photographing the process. OK, now I’m going to retract a… Read more »

Weavers Sprang Tutorial

I’ve been developing a simple sprang tutorial. I tested it out on the Manitoba Weavers and Fiber Artists last night. Trying to break down the technique to its most simple form, I gave them twelve strings and an illustrated how-to printout. They did succeed at creating their samples within 20 minutes time, however I also… Read more »

Sprang bag

I’ve been doing some sprang lately. A pair of wooden handles gave me the idea. The fingerweaving class is progressing very well. Five women have progressed to the flame pattern. Today we were joined by members of the group that meet monthly at the St Boniface Museum.

November Sprang

I’ve finished up an order for a spranged sergeant’s sash. and here’s a close-up of the fringes

Sprang again

That bit of sprang that I started for the Viking Weekend in July 2008 has been sitting there, calling to me. So I finally finished it. Having learned from this experience, I’d do the next one a bit differently. The tablet woven band was wider where I left the weft for the sprang, and tightened… Read more »

mid September news

My most recent excitement comes from SUCCESS in a ‘sprang’ experiment. I have been intrigued by images in Peter Collingwood’s book The Techniques of Sprang. Diamond and zigzag patterns in sashes pictured there are pretty straight forward. I’ve developed a method for mapping out the patterns on graph paper, then translating the graphs to written… Read more »

Vikings and Voyageurs

Canada Day I spent time at the Mint, Citizenship ceremonies, as well as featuring the new coin commemorating the arrival of Samuel de Champlain. July 5&6 Olivia hosted Viking Days in Gimli, Manitoba. I prepared two tablet-woven strips, between which I worked some sprang to form a cap. For perspective, that’s a chop stick in… Read more »